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Some of our favorite, most distinct childhood memories are brought back by smells. Fresh cut grass, swimming pool chlorine, a roasting Thanksgiving turkey. Smell is perhaps our most powerful sense, especially when remembering our past. 


Take Heart-Health to Heart


Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women, and responsible for one in every four deaths each year, according to the American Heart Association. Some good news? Stroke has dropped from No. 4 to the fifth leading killer in the U.S.  

Cinn-cere Truth About Cinnamon



Healthy Takes on Super Yummy Super Bowl Foods

For sports fans, snackaholics and social butterflies, Super Bowl Sunday is a special day.  The typical game day food we've all come to know and love-cheesey breadsticks and bags of tortilla chips covered in mysterious powder, creamy dips -may be deliciousbut they add lots of calories to our diet.  Maybe your hostig a party or just want someting fun while providing twitter analysis of overblown commerical and the halftime performance.  Whatever your doing this Sunday, have some fun with the food you already tend to stock in your kitchen for an easy, inexpensive healthy game-day spread. 

Do You REALLY Know How Much You Eat?

We make more than 200 food related decisions daily, and aren't aware of 90% of them, according to Brian Wansink, PhD and Director of the Cornell University Food and Brand Lab.

Perhaps you think you just make 3 food decisions daily: breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Well, think again.  We chose how much milk to pour on your cereal, whether to have a second piece o toast, if we want to add sugar to our cereal, and if so, how much and what type, and if we will eat that doughnut in the office, and on and on and on........

Produce in Winter

If you live in a cold weather region, chances are you have noticed something different lately at the grocery store.  Shelves are piled high with squashes and potatoes, summertime favorites like peaches and cherries are nowhere to be found and let's not even get started on the quality of the tomatoes.  In short, winter has arrived, and the selection of truly good produced has dropped. 

Pomegranates: In Season Now!

In Today’s world of quick and convenient food, pomegranates are often skipped over.  These delicious and vibrantly colored fruits, known as “winter’s jewels”; however, should not be forgotten.  Here are 8 reasons why you should incorporate pomegranate into your menu this winter.