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One Small Step at a Meal, One Giant Leap for a Healthier Lifestyle

Sometimes, a giant leap towards a healthier, happier life is necessary. Other times, small shifts can get you to the same place with a lower risk of failure.

Go Green for St. Patrick's Day!

This Friday, millions of Americans will celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with parades, special foods, and by wearing green of course! Serve up a fun and festive spread by going green with your food as well.

What does it mean to eat a balanced diet?

We’ve all heard that a balanced diet is key to a healthy eating pattern, but what does “balance” really mean? This month is National Nutrition Month, which is the perfect time to focus on adding more variety to your lifestyle. Following the MyPlate guidelines is a great place to start. MyPlate gives us an example of what a balanced meal might look like based on a 9 inch plate. Each food group provides different essential nutrients that perform different roles in the body.

Put Your Best Fork Forward!

March is National Nutrition Month®, which is an annual nutrition education campaign created by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. This month is the perfect time to focus on the importance of making informed food choices and developing a healthier eating pattern that can last all year long.

This year’s theme is "Put Your Best Fork Forward", which implies the importance of making small changes to reach your health and nutrition goals one bite at a time. Celebrate National Nutrition Month® with these key themes from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics:

Spruce It Up: 5 Ways to Make Everyday Salads More Interesting

Eating a variety of fruits and vegetables helps to ensure your body gets the appropriate amount of vitamins and minerals needed to stay active. An easy way to do this is by making salads, which can keep you on track with fiber and protein goals and provide a low calorie entrée option that can assist with weight maintenance. Add some spice to your salads with these tips and give your taste buds something to look forward to!


Celebrate Chocolate!

February is well recognized as a time to show love through gifts, acts of kindness, and of course sweet treats. What better way to show some love than through chocolate! Celebrate Chocolate Month this month by sharing some fun facts with your Valentine about one of America's favorite foods

Keep on Ticking: 4 Stress-Free Tips to Keep You Focused on Heart Health


According to the American Heart Association (AHA), heart disease accounts for 1 in 3 deaths in the United States, which is more than all forms of cancer and Lower Respiratory Disease combined. Since February is Heart Health month, there’s no better time to take control of your health by fine-tuning your diet. Here are some tips to get you started:

The Teatox: Truth or Science Fiction?

In 2737 BC, a lonely tea leaf fell into Emperor Shen – Nung of China’s cup of hot water, and one of America’s favorite drinks was born. Today, tea from the Camellia sinensis plant is the most commonly consumed beverage worldwide after water.