Board of Directors

Emily S Maddux President Email
Brian Carroll's picture
Brian Carroll President Elect Email
Ginger H Carney's picture
Ginger H Carney President Elect Elect Email
Brian K Jones's picture
Brian K Jones Past President Email
Ms. Catherine K Austin's picture
Ms. Catherine K Austin Academy Delegate Email
Rebecca J Mehr Treasurer Email
Lindsey E Joe State Marketing Coordinator Email
Erin M Hartmann, RDN, LDN's picture
Erin M Hartmann, RDN, LDN Nominating Chair Email
Ashley Banks's picture
Ashley Banks Nominating Chair Elect Email
Chrystal Dickson CPI Chair Email
Sarah Martin's picture
Sarah Martin CPI Chair Elect Email
Karen A Ringwald-Smith RD MS LDN FAND CPI Chair Elect-Elect Email
Chelsea LeBlanc Social Media Coordinator Email
Meghan Sprague Chattanooga District President Email
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Khrysta Baig Knoxville District President Email
Sara R Foley Memphis District President Email
Kara Andrew Nashville District President Email
Crystal Woods's picture
Crystal Woods Tri-Cities President Email
Amy Richards West TN District President Email
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Denisa B Cate Strategic Planning Chair Email
Dianne K Polly's picture
Dianne K Polly Strategy Consultant Email
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Dr. Melinda Anderson Continuing Education Credit Approver Email
Marilyn C Holmes's picture
Marilyn C Holmes Consumer Protection Coordinator Email
Angela M Wallick's picture
Angela M Wallick Public Policy Coordinator Email
Andrea W Kendrick's picture
Andrea W Kendrick Reimbursement Chair & Media Spokesperson-Knoxville Email
E. Lauren Petr Cromer's picture
E. Lauren Petr Cromer Child Health/Kids eat Right Email
Dr. Autumn C Marshall's picture
Dr. Autumn C Marshall State Regulatory Specialist Email
Sharon A Thornton Media Spokesperson-West TN Email
Melissa Perry Media Spokesperson-Chattanooga Email
Elizabeth Hall's picture
Elizabeth Hall Scholarship and Fundraising Chair Email
Jacqueline A Daughtry Diversity Chair Email
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Kecia Caldwell STAND President Email
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Carrie Kiley Executive Director Email