Registered Dietitian-Rogersville, TN

CRANDALL CORPORATE DIETITIANS is currenlty seeking a  Registered Dietitian in  needed to consult part-time 10 hrs a week with dietary department.  

Crandall Corporate Dietitians will provide consultation and support with sanitation, meal service, and menu compliance. Nutritional assessments may be required. Training and materials are provided.

Must be able to visit community during normal business hours (Monday- Friday 8:00am -5:00pm).

As subcontractor, must carry own liability insurance. Must have current CDR, State licensure if required and TB test. 


Please send your resume to or call us at 888-546-3273 for more information.

Contact Person 
Debra Legge
Crandall Corporate Dietitains
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PO BOx 31060
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