Are You Thirsty for Water?

Are you thirsty?  With all the choices out there, what exactly should you choose to quench your thirst during these hot summer months?  When you head to the store for relief, there are so many types of water on the shelves that you could drop from dehydration before figuring out which one to buy!

Regardless of their prices or promises, all the waters on the market will most likely hydrate you equally well…and no better than plain old tap water.  So if you are just needing pure hydration, grab the cheapest water you see…or better yet, remember to fill up a bottle at home before you leave! But if you want something that tastes different or has the possibility of added health benefits, be sure you know what you are buying.

Some bottled water could honestly be bottled straight from the tap, but others with labels do have more rigid definitions to abide by. “Purified” means the water has been filtered or distilled to remove impurities that may affect taste. “Spring” and “artesian” waters come from specific sources, such as from an underground spring or from an underground aquifer. Although spring and artesian waters are often more expensive and have fancy packaging, they do not offer any additional health benefits.

When looking to flavored waters, the better choices are simply treated with a hint of natural fruit and/or herbal essences. Others have sweeteners, food colorings and artificial flavors— making them more sugary drinks than water.  Many of those sweetened waters contain considerable calories from refined sugar, while others have added vitamin and herb enhancements that probably will neither help, nor likely hurt, your overall wellbeing.  So when picking up flavored water, choose one with minimal additives.

Whatever your specific choice to hydrate, make water your selection throughout the day for optimal health.