Are You Thirsty for Different Types of Water?

If you are trying to stay hydrated but are sick of plain or flavored water, what are other alternatives?

When coconut water first was introduced, it promised better hydration than water, but marketers have since backed off on that unjustified claim. This fluid is lightly sweet with a slightly nutty flavor. It hydrates as well as water and provides a source of potassium as well. Coconut water comes from the inside of the young green fruit and, unlike coconut milk, has no fat. If you want a change of pace and you take into account the 45 calories that the unsweetened variety has per cup, it can be a tasty something different. But there is nothing magical about it. You could also hydrate and replenish your potassium (plus get other nutrients and dietary fiber) by drinking a cup of water and eating a small banana.

Another new alternative is maple water. This is the liquid from the maple tree that is usually boiled down to make maple syrup. In its unconcentrated form, it is clear and has  a subtle sweetness, plus some minerals, for about 20 calories per cup. There isn’t enough research to back the claims about its health benefits, but if you enjoy the sweeter flavor than regular water, it can be a hydrating alternative. 

While traditional water will typically provide all the hydration you need, these newer varieties can offer a refreshing alternative to keep you well.