Are DETOX Diets for you?

Whether people want to lose weight or they think it’s a way to detox their body, many look to cleanses as magical cure-alls. But are cleanses as healthy as they’re hyped up to be? Here are 3 reasons you might want to rethink starting a cleanse:

  1. An otherwise healthy body maintains natural detoxification methods. The liver, kidneys, and GI tract naturally work to keep the body healthy and manage exposure to toxins that could cause harm.
  2. Most cleanses require limiting calories, which actually SLOWS the metabolic rate and can then lead to weight gain and other problems…which goes against the reasons individuals want to “detox” in the first place.
  3. The related calorie restriction also can decrease daily vitamin, mineral, dietary fiber, and protein intake to unhealthy levels…also leading to other potential problems.

While weight loss often does happen on detox plans, the majority of those losses are typically water and sometimes lean mass—which is not what we want to lose!

So instead of being swayed by advertisers’ pleas to buy the latest detox cure, consider the following 3 tactics to live healthier:

  1. Drink more water to naturally detox and flush toxins from your body
  2. Limit processed foods, added salt and refined sugars
  3. Choose more fruits and vegetables, whole grains, unprocessed products, and unsaturated fats.

These healthy habits will provide your body with more long-lasting results!