AND, TAND and District Membership

TAND Membership is limited to members of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND). Learn more about joining TAND or another state affiliate by visiting the AND website. Visit your local district affiliate's website to find information about joining the district. 


Below are a few frequently asked questions about joining an AND affiliate. More information and the original article can be found here

How do I select a state affiliate association?

Academy members may select one state affiliate association by indicating their preferred state association when joining or renewing membership. If no selection is made, the applicant will be assigned an affiliate based upon the state association that corresponds to their primary address of record. Applicants with foreign or APO/FPO addresses who do not select an affiliate will be assigned to the American Overseas Dietetic Association (AODA).

Is there a cost to belong to an Academy affiliate association?

Membership to an affiliate is included in your annual Academy membership dues. This includes membership to one state affiliate. Additional fees may be required to participate in affiliate events or join an affiliate district association.

How do I change my affiliation from one state to another?

If you have recently moved to a different state or need to adjust your affiliation, the Academy's membership team can switch your state affiliation. This change can be made at any point during the membership year, and can only be made by an Academy staff member. Contact the membership team at or 312/899-0040 (ext. 5000).