Registered Dietician (Bedford County-Shelbyville)

The Renaissance Therapy Group, LLC is hiring a full-time Registered Dietician/Licensed Dietician (RD/LD) for a position in Shelbyville, TN. The successful RD/LD will also be fluent in Spanish as 16% of the caseload are Spanish-speaking families. The job duties are as follows:
An employee in this class is responsible for evaluating nutrition services and medical nutrition therapy provided and assessing community needs at a county or district level within Bedford County.
*Promote breastfeeding as the preferred infant feeding method and support participants in their decision to breastfeed using guidelines in the 2017-2018 WIC Manual in daily practice. Compliance is measured in regional WIC, QI, and nurse supervisor chart reviews.
*Achieve workforce excellence and development by completing all activities related to WIC, Nutrition, BF, and other health department services such as HUGS, CSS, EPSDT, and Family Planning to achieve the goals specified in the county performance plans.
*Promote a customer centered culture that emphasizes a commitment to providing competent care and overall health and wellbeing of both internal and external customers.
*Assess WIC (women, infants, &children) participants’ general nutrition status using the VENA process, determine program eligibility, using 2017-2018 WIC manual, and provide education/counseling on a daily basis. Compliance is measured during Quality Improvement (QI), regional WIC monitoring, and nurse supervisor chart review.
*Work with the clinical team to identify opportunities and address barriers in order to meet the goals specified in the county performance plan.
*Identify patients, children with TennCare coverage age birth to age 21 years, to receive EPSDT exam, Immunizations, and fluoride varnish and refer to a nurse for the patient to obtain these services.
The position is full-time, salaried (pay is bi-weekly via Direct Deposit) and with benefits (e.g. Health Insurance with vision/dental optional, reimbursement for Continuing Education, Life Insurance, Paid Time Off)


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Beth Urbanczyk
The Renaissance Therapy Group, LLC
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We would like to get this posted as soon as possible. We can pay over the phone with our company credit card. Thanks!
3101 Lealand Lane Nashville TN 37204
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