July 2019 Newsletter – President’s Message

Our 2019-2020 budget = $98,466 and is available to review here.

This month I want to very briefly explain where 47%, or $46,216, of the budget is allocated.

$10,000 will go to a new and improved TAND web page. This is a one and done and for this year only, i.e. not a reoccurring expense each year. The process will begin any day now, if it hasn’t already. Members have expressed their concern over our current design and the site’s limitations and the Board has listened. Let me or any other Board member know, or your local District President, if you have a particular concern or idea for the new site.

Carrie Kiley, MBA, is entering her second year as our Executive Director (ED), and for her work we pay the Academy $16,216. In addition to Carrie’s services, we also, through her, have access to a plethora of resources via the Academy that she can help us with, in addition to other staff members. In particular Amy Biedenharn, who works closely alongside Carrie and us. This year we have initiated a Task Tracker, developed by President Elect-Elect Christy Davis, for the ED to submit each month along with her invoice. Those of us on the Board who work with her closely know all too well how much she and Amy do for us, but we would like it documented to share with other members if needed and in turn, to give Carrie credit for all she does for TAND. Carrie also serves as ED for several other affiliates and has a great deal of experience and expertise in what she does.

TAND hired lobbyist Jill Talbert during the 2016-2017 year under the leadership of then President Dee Pratt, when we became aware of a very real threat to our licensure status from an outside group. That has since died down, for now, but the Board has deliberated each year and felt it prudent to keep Jill on board with a current salary of $20,000.

She is our eyes and ears in Nashville and gets wind of legislation that we might otherwise be unaware of. For example, we (TAND), and NAND, have for the past year been monitoring a raw milk situation which resulted in some very serious foodborne illnesses in young children last year. Senator Richard Briggs, Knox county, has been trying to introduce legislation to protect people in the future. If you were at Hill Day this past February, he was one of our keynote speakers and is delighted to have RD’s in his corner. He is also an MD, so is well aware and respectful of our profession.

Unbeknownst to us, there was a committee meeting on March 20th that he presented at that we had no idea was happening until Jill started sending me, in my role Advocacy Pillar Chair, screen shots of his PowerPoint presentation and updates on the legislation, which is tabled until next January.

She sends regular, monthly/weekly, updates to the Advocacy Chair during the year on what is happening in the area of anything food and nutrition related at the Capital. This year’s Chair, Ginger Carney, is going to summarize these extensive reports and submit the most relevant points to the newsletter.

Jill is also going to give us a write-up of a biography of how she feels she serves us and introduce herself virtually in the next month or two for the newsletter, and then late next spring, type up a summary of the year, with a special emphasis on Hill Day.

I tried to keep this brief, but at the same time feel it extremely important to let you know why, where and how the Board is spending your dollars.



Summer Feeding Program in Morgan County, TN

Click here to view the article “Gus the Bus feeds their tummies and their minds”.

Improving Breastfeeding in Memphis Tennessee

A Memphis Dietitian volunteers to provide quarterly prenatal breastfeeding classes to a several non-profit organizations in Memphis: Birthright and Life Choices. Providing this education for expectant/low income mothers helps to encourage this practice after the baby is born. There is always a need for more dietitians in this field for improved nutrition at the beginning and throughout the life cycle. One way to get involved is through the TN Breastfeeding Coalition which is a non-profit organization supported by the TN Department of Health to carry out breastfeeding initiatives in our state. These initiatives focus on increasing the initiation and duration of breastfeeding. Being one of the states with the lowest statistics, we have a long way to go. The coalition meets a few times a year in Nashville to review the goals and decide how best to achieve them. TAND contact for this is Ginger Carney Memphis Dietitian, 901.595.3315 phone or ginger.carney@stjude.org email.

News from the Tennessee Health Promotion Network

–Taking the pulse of Tennessee’s population health–

Tennessee’s Vital Signs are 12 metrics meant to measure the pulse of Tennessee’s population health and form a key component of the State Health Plan. Taken together, they provide an at-a-glance view of leading indicators of health and prosperity in a way that can connect with other sectors. From 2015-2017, as part of the State Health Plan public engagement process, the Tennessee Department of Health (TDH) conducted an extensive external and internal stakeholder-driven process on how to measure and define “population health.” The Vital Signs indicators emerged as a collective group that could complement health and social determinant outcomes, allow regular data refreshes, and focus efforts toward upstream interventions.

Tennessee’s 12 Vital Signs inform the County Health Assessment (CHA) process that is currently being piloted in 16 of Tennessee’s rural counties. This process is led by County Health Councils with support from local Health Departments. Over a six month period, County Health Councils use data packages and primary data collection to make evidence-based decisions on which areas of health improvement to focus on in the upcoming years. TDH is curating evidence-based guides called Vital Sign Actions to help Health Councils address priority Vital Sign areas and related issues at the local level.

WANTED: Future Leaders

Have you served in a leadership role through your local district that has left you wanting more? Do you have a desire to help lead the next generation of TAND leaders and make a mighty impact in our state? Are you inspired by the thought of being a change agent at the top, helping to bring to life our mission for our members? If you answered “yes” to these questions, then consider a TAND Board of Directors position!

You can also nominate a colleague if you believe they may be a good fit for any of the positions, and the nominating committee can do the work to contact the individual(s).

2020 – 2021 TAND Board of Directors Nominee Openings:

  • President Elect-Elect (3 year term)
  • CPI Elect and Elect-Elect (3 year term)
  • Treasurer (2 year term)
  • Nominating Committee Chair Elect and Member (1 to 2 year term)
  • Marketing Coordinator (2 year term)
  • Fundraising Position
  • Advocacy Position

Please e-mail 2020-21 TAND Board of Directors Nominations or questions regarding nominations to the 2019-2020 Nominations Chair, Ashley Banks at ashpbanks@gmail.com.