President’s Message

THE HEAT IS ON – it’s officially summer, and I hope you are all spending time with family, friends, and loved ones over the summer holidays!  TAND is slowly ramping up for the year as our board and districts continue to solidify their volunteers. However, I wanted to bring your attention to the important information in this month’s newsletter including Academy updates, Advocacy opportunities, and 2 reminders!

  • Renew your Academy Membership!  Make sure to indicate Tennessee as your affiliate! 
  • I am still looking for 2 enthusiastic TAND members to serve on our board.  Please reach out to me if you are interested!!
    • Social Media Coordinator
      • In partnership with the Executive Director and Marketing Chair, this position assists with distributing information to TAND members via social media outlets.  In the case of media needs, this position would also serve in that capacity.
    • Diversity & Inclusion Liaison
      • Collaborating with the Membership chair, this position is charged with conducting diversity outreach events to promote the profession to diverse individuals and/or increase cultural competency of current practitioners.

Have a wonderful July, TAND Members!!

~Christy Davis Clarkson
2021-2022 TAND President

Take Action on Dietitian/Nutritionist Imposters

In Tennessee, the titles dietitian and nutritionist are protected by the Tennessee Licensure Law. Only those persons meeting the qualifications as set forth by the State’s licensure law can use these titles. If you suspect or know that someone is using the title dietitian and/or nutritionist and not qualified, please take action. Contact Marilyn Holmes, TAND Consumer Protection Coordinator, to discuss ways to help assure that only qualified professionals are providing nutrition information to Tennesseans at

Academy’s Incident Reporting Tool 

The Academy’s Incident Reporting Tool allows patients, members of the public and health care practitioners to share stories of successful nutrition care, illustrate the value of qualified practitioners or report incidents of harm or unethical practice. Learn more about this important tool.

Proposed Changes to the Academy’s Bylaws

The Academy Board of Directors (BOD) recently proposed some changes to the Academy’s Bylaws to Article XV, Amendments, Section 1 and 2. Per the current Academy Bylaws, all Academy members have the opportunity to provide their input on the proposed changes. As your Delegate, I encourage you to respond to the survey by the July 31, 2021 deadline.

The proposed bylaws changes are not without controversy as they would dissolve the current house of delegates as it currently exists in favor of a 15 member committee. There is currently much debate online on the HOD platform with the majority of delegates in strong opposition of this plan, as the announcement was less than transparent with no debate.  

Please review the attached fact sheet and take the member survey by the 7/31 deadline. The link to the survey can be found within the fact sheet. 


Medical Nutrition Therapy Resources

Working toward increased reimbursement and coverage for Medical Nutrition Therapy is a top priority for The Academy and as such they offer some wonderful resources.  Whether you are just starting out or are a seasoned pro, EatRightPro has something for you: 

  1. Public Policy Weekly News – This is an excellent resource that comes straight to your inbox.  While a broader publication, many advocacy topics align with the reimbursement efforts of The Academy.  It can be a strategic resource for you and your practice to anticipate advances of coverage and scope.  (You can opt into this newsletter from your membership profile)
  2. MNT PROVIDER Monthly Newsletter is the source for practice management news.  Whether it is highlighting a new revenue stream option, promoting useful practice management tools, or reporting on success stories this publication is a “must” for RDNs. 
  3. Payment and Reimbursement Digest (Discussion Board) is a place for consistent “in the weeds” communication.  There are frequent threads about specific payers, coding best practices, and tips to ensure optimal reimbursement.  The best part is it is real time information from experienced peers in our field!

Much more is available to you as an Academy member.  Check out for more!

Memphis District Updates

On June 13th, past and present Memphis Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (MAND) board members met at Shelby Farms Park for its annual board switch-over meeting to discuss possible exciting events for the upcoming year.