President’s Message

Thank you TAND Members!

I want to start by congratulating all the newly elected Board members for TAND—I am impressed with the wealth of the knowledge, experience, and leadership skills they will bring to the table.  Their noble willingness to serve our organization will undoubtedly benefit us all.

As we approach the end of the 2020-21 fiscal year for TAND, I think of all the accomplishments we were able to achieve despite coping with a worldwide pandemic!  Somehow, we’ve been able to carry through for another successful year thanks to the many who have contributed to our organization.  The Advocacy Pillar planned and provided us with a stimulating virtual Hill Day and guided our efforts to make contacts with our legislators from across the state.  Thanks to our lobbyist, Jill Talbert, we were kept up to date and continuously informed of the activities going on in Nashville so that we were aware of any legislation that may affect dietetic practice.  Consumer Protection was at the forefront throughout the year which assured that only RDNs were providing MNT.  Our TAND Delegate was extremely active in representing our views to the Academy and “traveled” with me to all our districts to keep our membership informed of Academy activities.  The Education Pillar selected some outstanding students and professionals for our scholarships and awards while approving CPEUs for many in Tennessee.  The Development Pillar worked hard to provide us with a quality series of virtual educational seminars in place of our usual in-person annual meeting.  Because of the talents of the Marketing Pillar, TAND assured our presence on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to let others know who we were while keeping our members informed.  We were represented at meetings of the  Tennessee Health Promotion Network which kept us “at the table” and brought awareness of the value of dietitians in advocating for a healthy lifestyle.  The Membership Pillar compiled an outstanding ballot for the 2021-22 year and assured a bright future for the leadership of our organization.  The membership survey will help us as we make plans for next year and beyond.  A new focus was put on Diversity and more efforts will continue to introduce and encourage the younger generation that are not familiar with the dietetics profession to consider it as a career choice.  Great strides have been made with STAND, our student organization, and we hope to see this group continue to grow to offer our dietetic students across the state an opportunity for leadership building and a starting point to be involved with TAND for many years to come.  We could not survive without our Operations Pillar who kept us in line with budget while bringing in sponsors to support our financial goals.

I offer many thanks to our Executive Director, Carrie Kiley, and the Academy team who has provided so many resources and guidance for us this year.  The team was especially invaluable to me, and I offer my sincere appreciation to them.  Last but certainly not least, I thank my predecessor, our immediate Past President, Brian Carroll.  He left me some excellent footsteps for me to follow and has always been there for me if I needed him.  

Since this is my last letter as President to you, the TAND membership, I salute you as exceptional representatives of our profession.  I am in awe of your talent, skills, and expertise, and I have been truly humbled to have served you as your President this year.  As I pass the baton to your incoming President, Christy Davis, I know I am leaving things in good hands.  She is well-equipped for the position and will be an excellent President for you in the new year.  I wish everyone continued success, and I thank you for the honor and privilege of leading this outstanding organization.

TAND President, 2020-21

TAND Advocacy and Public Policy Updates


Please take a few minutes to review and act and each of the following:

Details regarding nutrition funding is to support the Academy’s efforts to INCREASE workforce diversity within our field!

Updates from the Tennessee Capitol

Check out the Academy’s State Legislative Tracking Map to see current bills and legislation in Tennessee.

TAND’s Lobbyist, Jill Talbert, provides detailed updates on applicable bills being reviewed at this time.  This includes the Chronic Weight Management Task Force which is progressing through the legislature.  Please refer to the attached for more details on Jill’s report from the state capitol.  

Public Policy and/or Advocacy Questions: OR

Virtual Student Poster Sessions

Due to COVID we were unable to do a in person poster session for students to display their research. To give students another alternative The TAND Board gave programs and students the opportunity to display their research posters on the TAND website during the month of April for the Annual Meeting please visit to view the impressive work of these hard working students across the state of Tennessee. 

House of Delegates

Greetings TAND members!

The House of Delegates is closing the year with our last virtual meeting on May 1st.  We will continue to focus on issues on Diversity and Inclusion within our profession. In the May meeting, it is expected that the HOD will pass a motion to provide delegate representation from the MIGs – which, as you know, represent some of our most under-represented minorities in the profession.

In addition, the Academy BOD has updated the strategic plan.  Please see the below message from Academy President Linda Farr:

” The Board of Directors has revitalized the Academy’s Strategic Plan to prioritize programs and initiatives in four areas where the Academy will focus efforts to accelerate progress towards achieving its vision and mission. The Academy’s plan includes impact goals that help focus, set priorities and assign resources in well-being and prevention, nutrition care and health systems, nutrition security and food safety, and diversity and inclusion. At its April 9 meeting, the Board approved the updated goals and strategies that will build on the Academy’s core organizational strengths in food and nutrition research; advocacy and communications; professional development; and workforce capacity and opportunities.
Four new overarching, organization-wide goals that address inclusion, diversity, equity and access, known as IDEA, have been incorporated into the Strategic Plan. The goals will form the foundation of an IDEA action plan. The Board empowered the Academy’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee to make recommendations to support this important work. As the global leaders in improving and safeguarding the nutritional health of all people, we continue to be tireless advocates for universal access to the lifesaving benefits everyone can obtain by working with registered dietitian nutritionists, especially in the prevention and treatment of common and costly chronic diseases.
In revitalizing the Academy’s Strategic Plan, the mission and vision remain timely and relevant:
A world where all people thrive through the transformative power of food and nutrition
Accelerate improvements in global health and well-being through food and nutrition
Revised Principles
The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, through its members, works to:

  • Amplify the contribution and value of diverse nutrition and dietetics practitioners to the public
  • Position registered dietitian nutritionists as the experts in food and nutrition
  • Expand workforce demand and capacity
  • Incorporate research, professional development, technology and practice to foster innovation and discovery
  • Collaborate with key stakeholders to solve the greatest food and nutrition challenges, now and in the future
  • Focus on making a system-wide impact across food, well-being and health care sectors
  • Have a global impact in eliminating all forms of malnutrition

We look forward to working with you to integrate the revitalized Strategic Plan into your program of work where appropriate. Please share this important information with your colleagues and continue to stay engaged as we continue to work together to make the Academy and our profession bigger, bolder and better.
Linda T. Farr, RDN, CSOWM, LD, FAND
President, 2020-2021
Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics”

As always, please feel free to reach out to me with any issues or concerns you would like me to bring forward in the HOD, and please watch your in-boxes for important member surveys related to involvement working with diverse populations! 

It is my pleasure to represent YOU!

Mary Catherine Schallert MS, RDN, LDN, FAND
Clinical Associate Professor, The University of Memphis
TAND Delegate

Update Board of Licensure Meeting for Dietitians/Nutritionists

The Board of Licensure meeting for Dietitians/Nutritionist met virtually on Friday, March 5, 2021. The link to the live video stream for the meeting can be accessed at

Attending the meeting were: Kimberley Wallace, Eric Winters, James Burkard, Jamie Bailey, Jennifer Earnest, Lori Leonard, Patrick Parham, Qween Taliafarro, Alicia Grice, Marilyn Holmes

Highlights from the meeting include for following:

Minutes from September 4, 2020 Meeting were approved and will appear on the website for the Board.

One practitioner is currently being monitored for reprimand.

The financial report shows that in 2021 there is $358,877.63 carry over projected. This is money accumulated from licensure fees collected overtime. This Board operates with little cost and therefore, money accumulates over time.

Actual carryover to date is $311,648.99

At the fall meeting the Board will look at possibly a reduction licensure fees for 2022 due to the amount of carry over. 

As of February 23, 2021 – There were 2083 LDNs in Tennessee.

  • 117 New Licenses
  • 1 Terminated
  • 0 Reinstated
  • 128 Failed Renewals
  • 10 Retired
  • 307 Online applications
  • 105 Paper applications

There have been no disciplinary and/or legal actions. 

The Board voted to reinstate 1 licensure (no discussion).

Currently for the Board members, meals are reimbursed at $45.75/day and mileage is 47 cents/mile

Upcoming conference of interest to the Board members are:

FARB Conference 9/30/21 in Nashville TN – Regulatory Law Conference and Kimberly Wallace and Erid Winters would like to attend if approved

FNCE October 16-19 – This is virtual and Jennifer Earnest would like to attend if approved

The next Dietitians/Nutritionist Licensure Board Meeting is September 22, 2021.

Should you have questions, comments, and/or concerns, please contact:
Marilyn Holmes, MS, RDN, LDN, TAND
Consumer Protection Coordinator.

KAND Update

KAND held its monthly membership meeting on April 20, hosting Christy Davis Clarkson, MS, RD, LDN.  As TAND President-Elect and Advocacy Pillar Chair, Christy discussed “Advocacy in the New Norm”.  The meeting was very informative for KAND membership!

Congratulations Scholarship Recipient – Morgan Anderson!

Congratulations to Morgan Anderson, RD for receiving the 2021 TCAND Graduate Student Scholarship!

Morgan Anderson has been a registered dietitian and TCAND member since 2014 and has served on the board of directors in several different positions. She is a graduate of Carson-Newman University and completed her dietetic internship at Western Kentucky University. Morgan is the Lead Clinical Dietitian with Morrison Healthcare at Tennova Newport Medical Center. She is a graduate student in the Murray State University master of science in clinical nutrition distance program and currently serves on the Tennessee Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics board as the CPI chair elect.

MPS Leadership in Nutrition Program at MTSU

Middle TN State University is now offering a Master of Professional Studies with a focus of leadership in nutrition!  This program is a perfect mix of leadership and nutrition classes, with topics such as entrepreneurial skills, obesity, food and culture, ethics, research design, and much more! It is well-suited for all nutrition professionals interested in advancing their leadership knowledge and skills.  If you would like more information, please reach out to