March 2019 Newsletter – President’s Message

Although February was a short month, TAND wasted no time. On February 26th, 185 of Tennessee RDNs and students attended the Annual Meeting in Nashville. Between the wonderful and engaging speakers, to the poster sessions and vendors, we had a very successful meeting. Thank you to everyone who attended and to our sponsors! The following day, many of the RDNs and students attended the Tennessee Day on the Hill. Representative Andy Holt, a surprise guest speaker, Senator Richard Briggs, and our very own Nichole Reed, spoke to the group prior to charging to the “Hill” for our Legislative visits. Overall, we had about 30 visits with our legislators, and many will have follow up visits in their home districts as well. Advocating for our profession and the people we serve is incredibly important, and we greatly appreciate everyone who participated.
Now that we are in March, our organization has a great opportunity to highlight who we are and what we do! It is National Nutrition Month, and we have several initiatives that TAND is encouraging you all to be a part of. Check out the message below from Lindsey Joe, our Marketing Pillar Chair. Do not forget to let us know what you are doing in your districts too. If you highlight them on social media, please make sure to tag TAND on Facebook (@EatRightTennessee) and Twitter (@eatrighttn).

Speaking of highlighting what Tennessee RDNs are doing, we need to be doing that within our own state with other professionals too. There is an organization called the Tennessee Health Promotion Network, which is a group of volunteers comprised of multiple agencies, including physicians, dietitians, nurses, professors, etc. Volunteers work together to promote better health for Tennesseans. The organization meets quarterly, and TAND has a representative, Tracy Noerper, who attends the quarterly meetings. She would love to highlight the great things our members are doing to help improve the health and well-being of the people we serve. This could lead to future collaborations for our organization. If there is anything you want to share with the TN Health Promotion Network, please let Tracy know by emailing her at

I look forward to traveling to Knoxville, Tri-Cities and the West Tennessee Districts this month to share the “State of the State” and meet the wonderful RDNs and students we have across the state!

Happy National Nutrition Month!

Emily Maddux, TAND President

Celebrate National Nutrition Month with TAND!

To kick off the BEST month of the year, we want to hear from YOU.

How to participate?
==> SHARE A SELFIE-STYLE VIDEO ON SOCIAL MEDIA (March 1-31). The aim of RDN Day is to highlight YOU – the food and nutrition experts! Starting March 1st and through the 31st, share a little more about you as an RDN or RD2Be. Here’s how to participate:

Take a 15-30 second video sharing your:

RD or RD2Be working in __________ (or interested in ___________)
And something special for #NationalNutritionMonth – recipe, tip, quote, etc.
Use #TNRD. Tag TAND on Facebook (@EatRightTennessee) and Twitter (@eatrighttn). Upload to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

HAVE FUN WITH IT! Be creative and show off your own style and personality. For more details and examples, visit:

Congratulations to the Poster Session Winners from our Annual Meeting
Professional Category:
1st place Karen Smith for Implementation of Culinary Classes for Pediatric Cancer Patients
2nd place Kristy Gibbons for Implementation of Aroma Therapy in Pediatric Oncology Setting

Clinical Category:
1st place Racheal Speltz for Analyzing Nutrition Status & Outcomes of Pediatric Acute Myelogenious Leukemia
2nd place Tayrn Marter for Effects of Malnutrition on Child Development

Food Service:
1st place Abigail Mills, Sara Foley, Dale Bowman, Ruth Williams-Hooker for Nutrition Education in Mississippi High School Culinary Class
2nd place Liz Kneifl, Tiffany Truehill for Role of Select Menus in Patient Satisfaction

1st place Sarah Lisson & Marsha Spence – Impacts of a Participant -Centered, Multisensory Nutrition Education Program on WIC Participants Fruit & Vegetable Related Attitudes & Behaviors
2nd place Victoria Holmes & Marsha Spence for Can Participating in School Gardens Increase Fruit and Vegetable Intake Subsequently Enhancing Students’ Academic Performance?

Wanted: Future Leaders!
Have you served in a leadership role through your local district that has left you wanting more? Do you have a desire to help lead the next generation of TAND leaders and make a mighty impact in our state? Are you inspired by the thought of being a change agent at the top, helping to bring to life our mission for our members? If you answered “yes” to these questions, then consider a TAND Board of Directors position!

You can also nominate a colleague if you believe they may be a good fit for any of the positions, and the nominating committee can do the work to contact the individual(s).

2020 – 2021 TAND Board of Directors Nominee Openings:
​*President Elect-Elect (3 year term)
*​CPI Elect and Elect-Elect (3 year term)
​*Treasurer (2 year term)
*​Nominating Committee Chair Elect and Member (1 to 2 year term)
*​Marketing Coordinator (2 year term)
*Fundraising Position
*​Advocacy Position

**Please e-mail 2020-21 TAND Board of Directors Nominations or questions regarding nominations to the 2019-2020 Nominations Chair, Ashley Banks at

Thank You!
Thank you all who donated and bid on the silent auction items. We had a great bidding war on the items. The Silent Auction raised $820 for scholarships for TAND members.


Cultural Competence Resources

Cultural competence has become a buzz word in healthcare, but what does it mean? Click the button below to find out and for a few practice tips!

Cultural Competence Resources

University of Virginia Health System Nutrition Support “Weekend Warrior” Program
The popular University of Virginia Health System nutrition support “Weekend Warrior” program will be held at Centennial Medical Center. This is a 2-day version of the popular UVA Nutrition Support Traineeship. The goal is to provide up-to-date, evidence-based, and practical information on nutrition support and the nutritional management of specific disease states, including GI disorders.

Weekend Warrior Homepage
Weekend Warrior Brochure

CDR Approved Advanced Practice Specialty Certification Scholarship – Training Reimbursement
One of the goals of the TAND Education Pillar is to increase the number of RDNs in Tennessee that are certified as specialists in their area of practice. To encourage current RDN members to pursue specialty practice certifications approved by CDR, TAND is offering scholarships up to $1000 each to qualified applicants. Scholarship recipients are required to complete the training and certification by May 1, 2019 in order to apply for reimbursement. Deadline for scholarship applications is May 1, 2019 with notification of awards by June 1, 2019. More information regarding eligibility criteria and application requirements can be found on the TAND website. For questions about the application process, please contact Ginger Carney.

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