Academy Advocacy Resources

Stay up to date on what is happening at the national level – visit the Academy website often

The Academy has developed the Incident Reporting Tool to document stories of success and for reporting harm.  Patients, members of the general public, and health care practitioners can now easily document examples of successful nutrition care, showing the value of qualified practitioners.  Additionally, the Academy and CDR Code of Ethics require reporting cases of harm so this tool provides a uniform platform for reporting and compliments reports to state licensure boards. 

Find your Elected Officials

Stay informed of who is representing you in Tennessee and at the federal level. Reach out to your elected officials directly on legislation that is important to you to help effect change!

Action Alerts

Not sure what to reach out to your elected officials for? The Academy makes it easy with their Action Alerts!

Action alerts are designed by The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics for members to send a letter of encouragement to legislators asking for support for nutrition related legislation. You should receive an email from the Academy each time a new action alert is ready.

Steps To Complete the Action Alert from the Academy:

  1. Go to & log into your account
  2. Click on the “Eat Right Pro” tab
  3. The action alert(s) should be on the front page as the headline
  4. Click the “Take Action Today” button
  5. Enter your Academy username/email & password
  6. Click Email and send the message to your legislatures

*You may have to enter your zip code to have your appropriate legislatures pop up
*You can edit/personalize any action alert that you send to add a special touch

Advocacy Day (Formerly PPW)

Meet your federal legislatures and advocate for nutrition policies in our nation’s capital each year. This event is held annually in Washington, D.C. through the Academy.