Lindsey Joe, RDN LDN | TAND Marketing Chair

Being a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and the Tennessee Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and then potentially also a member of your local district association means there is a LOT of information being shared with you on a regular basis!  It can definitely be overwhelming trying to figure out what you should be receiving and from who so I’m sharing a few quick tips and tricks to keep you informed and organized so you don’t miss Academy or TAND updates that matter to you!

(1) MAKE SURE “TENNESSEE” IS LISTED AS YOUR STATE AFFILIATE.  As a member of the Academy, you have to actively choose your State Affiliate so be sure you select “Tennessee” if you’re new to the state, joining the Academy for the first time, or rejoining the Academy after a hiatus.  To do this, simply log-into and select “My Academy” to review your current profile.

(2) UPDATE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS AND PREFERENCES.  While you’re in your “My Academy” profile, you can also update your email address and your email preferences to select (or de-select) the most relevant information you wish to receive in your inbox.

(3) ADD US TO YOUR SAFE SENDER LIST.  Are you not getting all of your monthly TAND emails (including our newsletter) or have colleagues who aren’t receiving theirs? Make sure to add to your safe sender list and double check your spam or junk folders. If you have Gmail, please use these helpful tips for making sure all the important content is delivered to your inbox!

(4) GET SOCIAL WITH US!  It’s  likely that you already turn to social media to keep up with friends, family, and loved ones… why not also get timely, up-to-date info from TAND?  You can LIKE our Facebook Page at and follow us on Twitter at Want to make sure you don’t miss anything? Take the extra steps listed below to ensure you see all of our posts.

On Facebook:

  1. LIKE our Page
  2. Ensure you’re FOLLOWING our Page
  3. And turn your NOTIFICATIONS to “On” (highly recommended!)

These were just a few ways you can engage with TAND.  We’d love to know what you want to hear about from us.  Tell us in the comments below!